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Safety Culture

Hebei Jinyu Dingxin Cement Co. Ltd.It is the flagship enterprise of BBMG, a Chinese construction material

supplier. The annual clinker production capacity is 7.5 million tons, and the high quality cement

production capacity is 10 million tons. It is the first batch of quality credit 5A enterprises,

the leading enterprises of building materials in hebei province. "Ding xin" brand cement has won China's well-known

trademark, national inspection free products, national key project recommended

building materials products, and the bohai rim construction materials industry well-known brands.


   "Scientific And Technological Development, Leading Quality, And Green Development"

Is our unswerving pursuit. In recent years, the company has invested more than

500 million yuan in science and technology, and has a provincial technology center recognized by international CNAS.

Relying on more than 1,000 professional and technical talents, the company strives to

build a core research and development team, and has obtained 23 national patents. The company's independent

innovation capacity has been strengthened, product quality has been steadily improved, and the development

momentum has become increasingly prominent.


Sulphate-resistant Silicate Cement

For saline and sulfuric acid root ion concentration is higher

research and development of special cement

construction environment, has the strength increase rate is high,

the resistance to sulfate corrosion resistance

and other characteristics, widely used in the harbor of sulfate

erosion, water conservancy, underground, tunnels, water diversion,

road and bridge engineering field, especially in saline

areas and coastal areas, chemical industry park.

Medium Heat, Low Heat Silicate Cement And

Low Heat Slag Silicate Cement

Silicate Cement For Nuclear Power Projects

Special cement for nuclear power engineering, suitable for atomic

radiation protection, compacted concrete preparation.

It has many characteristics, such as high strength, low hydration

heat, low dry shrinkage rate and low alkali content, which can

meet the long-term safety operation requirements

of nuclear power engineering, such as radiation protection,

permeation resistance and corrosion resistance.

It is divided into three strength grades of 32.5, 42.5 and 52.5,

which are characterized by high early strength, strong

impact resistance and small dry shrinkage rate.

Its abrasion resistance is 5-6 times that of ordinary cement, low

maintenance cost and high cost performance.

Road Portland Cement

It is specially developed for the construction of mass concrete

with low hydration heat and strong durability,

which solves the problem of concrete micro-crack caused by

internal and external temperature difference

in the process of cement hydration, and is widely used in the fields

of water conservancy DAMS, underwater engineering

and super-thick concrete structures.

The Research And Development Of Six Categories Of Products Embodies The "Dream Of Innovation

Team" And "Spirit Of Soe Craftsman". With The New Products,

The SerVice System Of Jinyu Dingxin Company Is Constantly Improving!

Gather brand strength, create cement high-quality goods. Differentiation to meet the construction requirements, our decades of experience

accumulation, hundreds of times of matching technology demonstration experiment, thousands of times,

finally successfully developed nuclear power, cement, cement roads, sulfate resistant cement, slag cement, low thermal cement and low thermal

and so on six kind of special silicate cement, provide customized products and services to our customers.