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Group Party Committee Board decided to study - Comrade Wei Weidong Ren Jin Yu Ding Xin executive director general manager
On November 10, Hebei Jinyu Dingxin Cement Co., Ltd. convened a meeting of cadres at or above the head of the department
"Reporters walk the grass roots to see changes" into Cangzhou Lingang Jinyu company
In 2015, Lingang Jinyu Company is facing a severe market test. All cadres and workers are not afraid of difficulties.
CCTV's news broadcast reporter interviewed the company.
On June 21, a reporter from CCTV News Lianbo interviewed Wei Weidong, general manager of the company on the topic of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration
Jinyu Dingxin company held its first working conference and workers' Congress in 2017.
On January 25, the first working meeting and staff congress of Jinyu Dingxin Company in 2017 were held in the company auditorium.
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