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"Reporters walk the grass roots to see changes" into Cangzhou Lingang Jinyu company

"Reporters walk the grass roots to see changes" into Cangzhou Lingang Jinyu company

2018/09/26 19:05
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In 2015, Lingang Jinyu Company is facing a severe market test. All cadres and workers are not afraid of difficulties.
In 2015, Lingang Jinyu Company is facing a severe market test. All cadres and workers are not afraid of difficulties. They carry forward the "eight special" Jinyu humanistic spirit, concentrate their efforts, strive for dedication, innovation and strive for the first place. Internal excellent management and external marketing compose a song of praise of exemplary leadership and unity and struggle.
Cadres take the lead in being pragmatic, efficient and team oriented
In March 2015, all of the cadres above the department level in Lingang Jinyu Company competed for posts, and 28 cadres above the department level competed for posts. A new cadre contingent of "wanting to do and able to do" was established. Under the leadership of Xiao Yongfeng, the company managers, with Jinyu culture as the guide, focus on changing the work style of cadres, to create staff cohesion project, the company's production and operation, site management, staff style has undergone tremendous changes.
The team went deep into the first line to find out the bottom, grasped the key core of production and operation, put the lights on night battles to think of countermeasures, and strictly grasped the management to break the bottleneck. In view of the bottleneck restricting production and operation, the cement system team combs production organization and management systematically and comprehensively, promotes the production to disappear, and improves the economic and technical indicators in an all-round way. Cadres' work is "white plus black" and "5+2". Liu Yinhai, assistant manager of cement production, worked continuously for 17 hours to conspire with the quality system to ensure the stability of cement adaptability. At night, he organized a special meeting to tackle key problems. Qi Huijiang, assistant manager of equipment, led the mechanical and electrical backbone work until 2:00 a.m. and personally directed the site to complete the replacement of the front bearing of the main motor of 1 # roller press. Guo Zhiqing, deputy manager of soil production, left behind the company for a month.
Under the leadership of leading cadres, the original grievances and grievances of employees have become endless driving force. Made of squad leader Sun Hongjun effectively play the role of "the head of the army will be tail", try to increase the grinding tail tiles groove module, the use of rubber sealing large tiles base cover, to solve the problem of 1 # grinding tail base oil seepage. He Jiangyong, the packaging workshop, led the team to take the lead in reasonable organization of packaging out of warehouse, packaging machine from last year's daily output of 1000 tons, to this year's single shift of more than 500 tons. Cao Yanze, an electrical workshop, participated in the transformation of the control box for the bottom discharge of the cement depot, which ensured that the quantity of discharge increased the efficiency of discharge and saved 92 000 yuan for the company.
Fine management, tap the potential, reduce the cost, increase efficiency and promote development
1-9 month cement change cost reduced 15.97 yuan / ton compared with the previous year, compared with the budget reduced 8.56 yuan / ton.
Through the management of equipment department and the first-level inspection of technical personnel, we have trained four full-time inspectors in the workshop to conduct differential inspection, chartered inspection of electrical equipment and centralized elimination of defects in electrical equipment in previous years, strengthened the examination and improved the level of machine repair, and greatly improved the operating rate and intact rate of equipment. The mechanical, electrical and technological failure rates of the cement system in August and September were all 0, which effectively ensured the operation of the system.
Comprehensive bidding to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Raw material procurement follows the market closely, operates in an all-round way with the aid of the bidding mechanism, adjusts promptly, and realizes the reduction of raw material price on the premise of ensuring production demand. Up to now, the freight volume of ton clinker has been reduced by 11 yuan, and the transportation cost has been saved by more than 391 yuan. The prices of fly ash, slag, desulphurization gypsum, and mineral powder declined by more than 20% compared with the same period last year, of which the slag declined by nearly 50%; the price of sand and stone materials decreased by more than 20% compared with the same period last year by choosing a reasonable mode of transportation and implementing the two-way pricing mechanism of supply and station.
Comprehensively combing and optimizing production organization and management. The price of electricity in the 4-9 months decreased by 0.05 yuan / degree, and the electricity cost was saved more than 110 yuan. Through sifting surplus curve, adjusting mill gradation and roller press control system, in the case of full use of coarse fly ash, stage time reached the best level in history in June and July. Among them, 1 # mill complex time 201 tons / hour, 20 tons / hour overdesign capacity; 2 # mill complex time 136 tons / hour; cement comprehensive power consumption from 2014 37 degrees / ton to 34 degrees / ton, cement mill effective operation rate for two consecutive months 100%. Effective use of energy visualization system to promote auxiliary equipment to tap potential and reduce consumption. The power consumption of the control fly ash is separated, and the current of the elevator is more than 40A. At present, the time of fly ash sorting table is 70 tons per hour, the design capacity is 10 tons per hour, and the power consumption is reduced from 8 degrees per ton to 6 degrees per ton.
Carry out economic and technological innovation. Complete gypsum and slag feeding system transformation, make full use of idle equipment and existing venues, reasonable layout, increase hopper volume, improve the feeding cycle and equipment operating environment, improve the stability and continuity of auxiliary material feeding, stabilize cement quality; independently complete the transformation of six cement depot control boxes, save spare parts costs About 100 thousand yuan; complete the upgrading and upgrading of all the dust collector through the acceptance of the group and the local government. Small changes and small reforms will improve the level of equipment automation, lay a foundation for the implementation of large-scale inspection, gradually improve the working environment, and enhance the image of enterprises.
Optimizing management, strengthening service and setting up Jinyu Shang concrete brand
In the face of adverse market environment, concrete sales adhere to the team-led all-staff marketing strategy. First, the company level through the government, local intermediaries have an impact on bridging the way, focusing on long-term customers, high-quality customers, strategic customer marketing management and service, the current company-level high-quality customers accounted for 42%. Secondly, in view of the fact that the large-scale investment and construction upsurge in Bohai New Area has not yet arrived, in order to ensure the cash flow of the company, the low-end market development should be strengthened by means of salesmen running away and middlemen introducing, and the risk of capital management and control should be reduced by means of individual household negotiation and appropriate concessions. As of September, the sale of concrete 245 thousand and 800 party, an increase of 6.35%.
We should improve the mechanism of "three visits and one return". Three visits: supply pre-visit, survey the supply road, understand the pouring site, establish communication channels between the two sides; construction visit, to ensure the continuity of supply, quality stability and the timeliness of on-site problem handling; construction post-visit, to ensure the scientificity of late maintenance, provide reasonable maintenance advice. A return visit: ensure service satisfaction, accept customer suggestions, and continuously improve service levels. At the same time, the innovative establishment of Wechat internal communication platform, to achieve real-time communication in the pouring process, smooth information, solve the problem of production services disjointed by various departments, through the tank driver joined this platform to achieve full coverage of on-site services.
From January to September, concrete variable cost decreased by 21.5 yuan per square meter, 14.36 yuan per square meter lower than the budget, and the proportion of control reduction was larger than the proportion of unit price reduction in the concrete market, thus ensuring the level of concrete profit. 1-9 month concrete profit 2 million 132 thousand and 400 yuan, compared to the same period increased 2 million 721 thousand and 900 yuan. Commercial concrete has become a strong support for the development of Lingang Jinyu company.