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Geothermal Silicate Cement
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Geothermal Silicate Cement

The construction of the road silicate cement expressway and the provincial and state road transport network has developed rapidly, with the traffic reaching all directions.

Medium-heat, low-heat and low-heat slag Portland cement is mainly used in foundation and

underwater engineering of water conservancy dams, large buildings and large buildings.


Real Effect Presentation


The use of sulfate resistant cement will achieve better corrosion resistance.


Certain unique properties of special cement, suitable for specific requirements of the use, or can

play a special role and give special functions to the building cement varieties.


State-owned Large Modern

Cement Production Enterprises



According to the sulfate resistance experiment of cement test block conducted by our technology r&d center, the

general cement test block is seriously eroded, and the change of sulfate resistance cement test block is not obvious.

(2) high late-stage and long-term strength enhancement rate.


This kind of sulfate resistant cement is suitable for construction of projects below sea port, water conservancy,

underground and underground water level which are corroded by sulfate. For example, concrete construction in

cangzhou area with high concentration of saline-alkali and sulfate ions or chemical plant area.



Silicate Cement

In underground are rich in sulfates in the coastal and

inland areas in China, because of the erosion by

sulfuric acid root ion, concrete structure situated in

loose and soft, gradually lose strength concrete cause

breakup, cause damage to property and safe hidden

trouble, in order to ensure the durability of concrete

engineering, in addition to adopt proper concrete

technique measures, should also use sulfate resistant

Portland cement; The engineering environment of

saline-alkali land is complex, and the construction site

contains a lot of rock salt, glauber salt, gypsum and

other soluble salts.

(1) good sulfate resistance. According to the national

standard, the linear expansion rate of sulphate resistant

cement at 14d should not be greater than 0.060%, while

that of high sulfate resistant cement should be 0.04%,

and the linear expansion rate of sulfate resistant

Portland cement produced by our company is 0.021%.


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