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Group Party Committee Board decided to study - Comrade Wei Weidong Ren Jin Yu Ding Xin executive director general manager

Group Party Committee Board decided to study - Comrade Wei Weidong Ren Jin Yu Ding Xin executive director general manager

2018/09/26 19:06
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On November 10, Hebei Jinyu Dingxin Cement Co., Ltd. convened a meeting of cadres at or above the head of the department
On November 10, Hebei Jinyu Dingxin Cement Co., Ltd. convened a meeting of cadres at or above the head of the department. Jiang Yingwu, the head of the Party Committee of the Group, presided over the meeting and announced the decision of the Party Committee and the board of directors: Comrade Wei Weidong was appointed Executive Managing Director of Jinyu Dingxin Company; and Comrade Zhou Chengyao was no longer the Executive Director of Jinyu Dingxin Company The general manager is in charge of the position, and Comrade Ma is no longer a party secretary and supervisor of Jinding Dingxin company. Wu Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Vice General Manager Liu Wenyan, Assistant General Manager and Minister of Cement Department Jiang Changlu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhao Chengguang, Vice Minister of Organization Department of the Party Committee, attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Comrade Zhou Chengyao expressed his full support for the decision of the board of directors of the Party Committee of the Group and recalled the achievements and regrets of his six-year work in Dingxin, Jinyu. In his speech, Comrade Ma Jiansheng expressed full support for the decision of the board of directors of the Party Committee of the Group. He recalled the friendship, comrade-in-arms and enterprise friendship established during the nine-year work of Dingxin in Jinyu. The two leaders expressed their support for Dingxin in Jinyu as always, paid close attention to Dingxin in Jinyu, and made great efforts to acquire a new career in the new post. Performance! Good wishes to the new leading group headed by Comrade Wei Weidong. I wish you all the best in your continued development.
In his speech, Comrade Wei Weidong expressed his full support for the decision of the board of directors of the Party Committee of the Group and enthusiastically said, "Luquan is my family, and I am a Dingxin person." He elaborated on his future work ideas in terms of decision-making and power, employment, style and responsibility, undertaking and action, goals and pursuit, and related work. Make a request.
Jiang Changlu, Assistant General Manager and Minister of Cement Department of the Group, congratulated the three comrades on their new performance and expressed great hope for the future development of Jinyu Dingxin. He pointed out that Jinyu Dingxin, as the flagship enterprise of the Group's cement sector, should make a contribution to building social influence and market control in the future and promote the building of industrial clusters. The "big carrier" has worked hard to improve the market control power by the huge social influence of industrial clusters.
Vice General Manager Liu Wenyan fully affirmed the development of Jinyu Dingxin in recent years, and put forward requirements for future development. He pointed out: in recent years, under the leadership of Zhou Chengyao and Ma Jiansheng, both the appearance of the factory, special management, corporate culture, fine management, energy conservation and emission reduction, essential environmental protection, patrol system reform, economic and technical indicators have been in the forefront of the group's industry, Jinyu Dingxin Company as a cement plate. With the increasing social influence and market control of flagship enterprises, the management practice of the company has effectively enriched the management ideas of the group cement plate. Jinyu Dingxin will bear a greater impact in the new round of structural adjustment. To break through the encirclement and continue to write a new glory is an important issue facing the new group. Liu pointed out that the future development must be planned in the spirit of reform and innovation. From the Group to the Cement Department, they are further releasing the development momentum for the enterprise. Take the technical reform project as an example: if the group does not approve the technical reform project under 10 million yuan, the Cement Department will approve it and implement it. It is hoped that Jinyu Dingxin will seize the opportunity to do a good job in five aspects: first, to lead the development by innovation, while consolidating and strengthening the traditional industries, actively planning new industries. The second is to increase the development of new technology and new products and R & D efforts, so that the use of a number of R & D, reserve a number of, and continue to enhance the sustainable development capacity of Jinyu Dingxin. Third, we should make a good use of the integration policy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the development opportunities brought by it. Fourthly, we should think ahead of time and make decisions for development. We should be in the forefront of the government, share the worries for the government, win the support of the government and expand the development space. Fifth, we should seriously plan the development in the next two months of this year, and even next year and the 13th Five-Year Plan, so as to win the initiative in the new round of readjustment with clear objectives, tenacious will and solid pace.
Wu Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, commented on the statements made by the three comrades, and explained the motivation for the large-scale readjustment of the cadres of the Group and the future development of Dingxin in Jinyu. Secretary Wu pointed out: Comrade Ma set up a statement full of deep feelings, Comrade Zhou Chengyao's statement full of true feelings, Comrade Wei Weidong expressed a passionate attitude. Secretary Wu pointed out: Comrade Wei Weidong was full of affection for Jinyu Dingxin. He was the chief engineer in Jinyu Dingxin, participated in the construction of five production lines in Jinyu Dingxin, served as secretary of the Party Committee in Jinyu, and served as general manager in Guangling Cement, Shanxi Province for three years. He is a rare expert in the group. Under the leadership of the new leading group headed by Comrade Wei Weidong, we are sure to make greater achievements in our mission.
Wu Dong stressed that the large-scale cadre readjustment in the Jinyu Group was a positive one. In line with the principle of "active readjustment, increased exchanges, organizational needs and personal will", the cadre readjustment between the Party and government, between enterprises, between organs and enterprises, and between the plates in the system was carried out to stimulate and reconcile the Jinyu Group from top to bottom. The release of cadres' enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is a good atmosphere for positive and vigorous efforts.
Secretary Wu hoped that Jin Yu Dingxin would conscientiously comprehend the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, firmly grasp the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, opening up and sharing" put forward by the Plenary Session, unify his ideas into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Committee of the group, to meet the development requirements of the new normal state of the group, and to form reform and innovation. New power, further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and market control, accelerate the pace of green transformation and upgrading, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.